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    Sergio D. Padilla created Harvest CROPS in Lemon Grove, California in 2001.  Having suffered a spinal injury which resulted in surgery, boredom became his challenge.  The results became a notebook entitled Harvest CROPS "Community Residents Offering Produces Seasonally"

Reluctantly Sergio gave away his written idea in notebook form because he was unable to meet the physical challenges to implement his idea..  A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Generations of Actions, implemented Harvest CROPS, with immediate success.  Unfortunately in 2006, Generations of Actions dissolved.  The idea was shelved.

In 2009, Sergio realized an opportunity when his eldest son attended St. John of the Cross Youth Group.  Youth Director Steve Browne agreed to a collaboration.  Sergio requested volunteers while Steve encouraged the youth.  Lori Avalos, a committed leader served as a valuable volunteer.   The youth picked nearly 5,000 pounds during the first year.   In 2010, they doubled.  Now the public volunteers, harvesting thousands of pounds of fresh residential fruit.   Fruit that would otherwise spoil is now donated to limited-income families and seniors.  St. John of the Cross Youth Group, under Steve Browne, empowered Harvest CROPS in becoming successful. 

In late 2010 Sergio suffered a serious setback, resulting again in back surgery.  During his recovery, volunteers took command, running Harvest CROPS.  Diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome, Sergio is limited with his physical challenges as a Field Harvester Coordinator.  He retired from the San Diego Sheriff Department in 2014.  

In 2015 Abdon Padilla (Sergio's son) with support of friends and relatives incorporate Harvest CROPS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Continuing the service of feeding families and seniors with fresh fruit, Harvest CROPS operates under a board of directors.  .

Harvest CROPS now serves the County of San Diego with the support and enthusiasm of volunteers and finacial sponsors.   Board members bring direction, determination and vision, much needed qualities.  All members volunteer in their leisure time.  Under the guidance and planning of the board, Harvest CROPS campaigns to receive financial and equipment support from businesses and individuals.  A service to our immediate community, we are grateful to receive the recognition and attention well deserved, providing free residential fresh fruit.    

The potential of Harvest CROPS reaches new frontiers, as we are simply scratching the surface, about one percent, of the true potential the County has to offer.  Traveling north to Vista, all the way south, San Ysidro, Harvest CROPS responses to residents who wish their fruit to be picked and donated. 

As a nonprofit organization, our goal is to provide an alternative: Allow us to pick your residential fruit.  Please now there is no need to have your fruit drop and rot.  A simple phone call, email, text message or webpage e-form makes Harvest CROPS possible. 

Harvest CROPS is a quadruple win-win service: 

  •  Residents are happy to know their fruit is donated, receiving a tax-deduction receipt, plus their immediate grounds are cleaned when we finished.  

  • Volunteers benefit with life-experience participation in helping, receiving community-hour credits, upon request for their educational requirements.. 

  • Food pantries receive the fresh fruit for limited income families and seniors to enjoy free.  Fresh fruit, especially organic is expensive.  Unfortunately most cannot afford, a low priority on their limited income.  Harvest CROPS provides free, from residents who provide permission and volunteers who give us their time.

  • Finally, businesses enjoy a tax-deduction with any support provided towards our mission statement:  To harvest residential fruit with volunteers for the benefit of unfortunate people.   

Now communities request for our residential harvesting free services.   Each year new residents are added and scheduled.  Harvest CROPS thanks everyone for their residential fruit donations and financial tax-deduction donations, cash, service and equipment.. 

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