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Schedule an Appointment online here
Please click above to schedule your residential harvest appointment.after few questions.

Please allow us a minimum of five days when scheduling.  If more than 20 trees, 10 days (and recommenda weekend)  from today please, so we can notice our volunteers.. ..

Simply complete our on-line form.  An email reply will follow to confirm your address. 
Closed Tuesdays our Distribution Day
Phone Call / Text


No computer or internet service?  Simply leave a message. A return call will follow.. A few questions are asked and an appointment is confirmed at your convenience.

Certificate of Insurance
Click on the above link title to download our proof of  insurance if reqired as evidence..
Region Quarantined?
Check, click above, if your immediate area is not currently under county alert quarantine
Tag Your Trees - Link
Download, print and "x" to tell pickers which trees to pick, not to touch or patial only
Please understand. We need ample time to notice volunteers  We cannot schedule the same or next day. Allow 7 days minumim and for 5 trees plus, 14 days..

Please allow one to three weeks advance scheduling, specially for two or more very large trees.
Tax Deductible
When finished, we provide a tax-deduction Thank You receipt showing the estimated pounds, for fair market value. We are a California registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Weather Reportf Link
We try not to cancel until the very last day, hoping to harvest before it rains. Link is for zip code 92101 area.
Consider an Adoption

Senior Centers, School's Family Support Centers, Churches, Youth Centers, etc., welcome donations. Your fresh residential fruit is no exception. Contact a nonprofit center. First ask for permission and instruc-tions prior to delivery.

Never have strangers pick your fruit trees for security.  Contact us if needed. 

California Good Samaritin Law   AB 1219 (2017) - link

Download PDF AB 1219 (2017)

Donated in good faith, exempts liability of  us, residents, food pantries and businesses from legal prosecution.
Media Interviews:

Occasionally a reporter will ask to accompany a residential harvest. We direct all reporters first to contact the resident for notice and permission. This may include TV, radio, internet or news-paper interview. For public awareness we encourage the opportunity.  Residents are never obligated to be interviewed.  Addresses are never disclosed.




Thank you for this opportunity to harvest your residential fruit tree(s) for limited-income families and seniors.  All fruit harvested goes directly to food distribution centers for people in need,      

Make an appointment. Click Here

Subject to date availablity

 No computer?  Call or text 619-318-3423

That simple.  We thank you for giving us permission so we can fulfill our mission.  Feeding limited income families and seniors with your fresh residential fruit is tax-deductible.


Important:  Must check if your area has been quarantined by the County of San Diego Agricultural Department.  If yes, we can still harvest your residential fruit which can be distributed ONLY within the quarantine boundaries.  The exception are oranges, in which the fruit cannot be picked at all when mandated quarantined. 

 Financial Donation Requested

Not required, but very much encouraged, we ask for a cash donation to sustain our transportation needs.  Gasoline and liability insurance are our two main expenses.  We depend on the public's contributions in donations, especially businesses sponsoring our mission. 

We are an all volunteer organization, including our board members.  Our annual budget is less than $5,000.  Approxiamately $1,900 is for gas and $1,200 for mandatory liability insurance,  The balance goes to maintaince, marketing and administration expenses,  Webpage,  networking, and invitationa guest speaker for example requires annual fees and gasoline.  We seek all opportunities when it comes to donations of cash, equipment and services. 

The founder uses his personal 92 Ford pickup, home computer, printer and cell phone to deray cost.  Volunteer board members each contribute more than $100 annually.   Cuyamaca Community college provides free auto mechanical services by students.  We buy the parts.  Home Depot and Lowes donate harvest poles, our primary tool. 

Please, if you cannot afford a financial tax-deductible donation, do not feel compelled or pressued.  We understand your need for our free service.  Our graditure for your permission alone is appreciated. 

If you can afford to support our mission with a financial tax-deductible contribution, please visit our "Donate Page" or make check payable to "Harvest CROPS" and mail to our office address on the Donate Page.

We thank you in advance to allow us permission together with a financial tax-deductible donation to sustain our mission where everyone wins.  Limited income families and seniors thank you for your wonderful support.. 

Resident be present or texted permission

A resident should be present during our residential harvest appointment. An exception is written permission by the resident who will not be present:   We required a text message on the morning of the harvest giving Harvest CROS writen permission. 

Arriving between 9:30  to 10 a.m,, we usually finish in less than two hours, leaving around 11:30 a.m.  We use harvest poles, not ladders, along with protective gear such as gloves and eye glasses. We provide our own containers for distribution.  Ladders are used only if provided by the resident with permission.

Upon arrival, we introduce ourselves as a group.  We willask for specific instructions, if any, such as picking only the top portion of the tree, leaving the bottom section for your convenience. If there's any concerns for possible property damage, ornaments for example, please emphasis the caution when picking. 

When we finish, we rake the area, throw away debris and haul away our filled buckets. A final inspection is requested before we depart. A tax-deduction receipt showing weight harvested is provided. 

With dogs, please ensure the yard is clean or ask us to clean when we visit. Also please remember to turn off your sprinkler system on day prior and during our visit.

Pre-Picked Fruit

    We can no longer be requested to pick up pre-picked fruit.  Our budget and volunteers are limited.  When requested to take the fruit "as soon as possible," we cannot met the immediate time stress.

 Adopt a Food Pantry, Senior Center, Church, etc...

   Please consider adopting a nearby food pantry.  We highly recommend you confirm arrangements prior  to delivery.  By zip code, click here to search your nearest food pantry.  Ask your center of worship or organization leadership if you can place a "Help Yourself" box on a serving table.  

       You just never know.  You might start something where others will follow your example.  Thank you for your patients and understanding. 

Safety Limitations

We must impose the following limits:

2,000 pounds maximum hauling limit, round-trip 45 minutes maximum driving distance of Lemon Grove, CA 91945   There is a 10-tree minimum when traveling beyon 20 minutes. Upon request, we can return visit (schedule) for additional harvests to complete within 30 days.

There is no limit when traveling under 20 minutes to harvest your fruit trees by appointment and permission. 

Our 4 x 6 foot trailer hitches to the founder’s personal 92 Ford F150 pickup.  When arriving, ample space is needed to enter and exit, avoiding tight spots especially when backing up.  Parking very close to the trees is highly appreciated for the volunteers to load the containers of fruit. 

A very serious concern is overheating the engine and overstressing the transmission of our only vehicle. Unable to be replaced and pay the cost of labor, we need to limit the weight, also a safety element.

With very limited resources, we are dependent on volunteers who offer their trucks. While there are no guarantees volunteers will offer their trucks; there is however, the guarantee of our only donated Ford truck towing a donated trailer full of residential fruit.

When traveling over 20 minutes, Harvest CROPS has a 10-tree minimum to make our expenses practical. Under 20 minutes, there is no minimum. Call and let us determine the distance travel please.

We thank you for your consideration and permission to allow Harvest CROPS to pick your residential fruit by appointment. Low-income families and seniors thank you and greatly appreciate your donation


"Awesome organization! We had [leader] and his team at our house to pick oranges and they were terrific. The team was very respectful of the trees and property and it was wonderful knowing the fruit was going somewhere where it could be appreciated."

                                                            -- Maria R.K. of San Diego

"Thank you everyone for picking the fruit from my 3 trees yesterday. You did a great job and I am very happy that the fruit will go to good use!"

-- Susan B of San Diego

"Super!  Everyone wins with these guys.  I am happy.  They are happy.  People getting my oranges free, they got to be happy.  Smiles everywhere..  Thanks Harvest CROPS!"

-- Romano T. of Lemon Grove


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